The Heroine's Journey

It's time to choose your personal power, your freedom and sovereignty

In this 9 month Coaching Container you will experience:

Coming home to the heart of self through deep internal healing with traumas and unresolved material in your consciousness. This is deep exploration of your personal spiritual curriculum. Coming home to acceptance, unconditional love of self and all that has happened in your life. Re creating your life and examining every age stage to initiate completion and final healing.

Samantha's Breakthough Transformation with 9 months of Coaching

Samantha worked through deep trauma and released self doubt and self distrust over the 9 months of coaching. She has been able to step into her creative passions and thrive in feeling a sense of belonging in side herself with all she does in the world. Thank you Samantha

Benefit 1

Complete & Heal Difficult Patterns In Your Life

Benefit 2

Step Into Authentic Soul Expression

Benefit 3

Access Awakening and Mastery Within

The Time is Now! Complete and Heal What has stood in the way of your Wholeness.

Book your freedom session now to explore together your opportunity to go for it and lay down the trauma patterns for good.

In Our 1st Month of Coaching We Start with the last stage of life.

The Wisdom Years (65+)

Integrity vs. Despair

KEY To Your: Alignment

This month we focus on your wisdom years life vision. Clearing fears around your own parents and grandparents lives. We take a deep look at all fears in this area. We help you anchor in your being your true hearts yearning for what your wisdom years will be like through visioning. Each beautiful month includes 3 coaching sessions, homework, Self honoring homework assignments, cultivating nurturing into self care, personally assigned meditations and visualizations that match what your spiritual curriculum is and so much more in the support.

2nd Month of Coaching:

We explore age stage 35 to Retirement.

Generativity vs. Stagnation

Healing with Coaching in this age stage creates a sense of CARING ABOUT, AND FOR OTHERS.

KEY To Your: Alignment

Central Tasks of middle adulthood:

  • Express love through more than sexual contacts
  • Maintain healthy life patterns
  • Develop a sense of unity with mate
  • Help growing and grown children to be responsible adults
  • Relinquish central role in lives of grown children
  • Accept children's mates and friends
  • Create a comfortable home
  • Be proud of accomplishments of self and mate/spouse
  • Reverse roles with aging parents
  • Achieve mature, civic and social responsibility
  • Adjust to physical changes of middle age
  • Use leisure time creatively

3rd Month:

We explore age stage 20-35

Intimacy vs. Isolation

Healing with Coaching in this age stage creates a sense of MUTUAL LOVING.

KEY To Your: Loving

Potential Issues and Patterns Resulting From This Age Stage:

  • Challenges with making and honoring agreements and commitments
  • Prejudice, insularity, and territorialism resulting from identification with tribal conditioning.
  • Avoidance of contact leading to intimacy - sharing of self
  • Fear of loss of control
  • Social relationships may be cold and empty

4th Month:

We explore age stages 12-20 Identity vs. Identity Confusion

Healing with Coaching in this age stage creates a sense of BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF.

KEY To Your: Radiance

Potential Issues and Patterns From This Developmental Stage:

  • Sexual shyness or inhibition
  • Having an inappropriate need for other's approval
  • Using substances or destructive behavior to cope with discomfort
  • Feeling socially inadequate
  • Feeling overly self-conscious about physical appearance
  • Caught up in an active or passive state of rebellion
  • Difficulty in standing up in oneself
  • Being very controlling and /or critical of another's behavior
  • Over-involvement in a lover's or spouse's life
  • Fear of standing out
  • Hypersensitivity to criticism
  • Reluctance to commit

5th Month of Coaching:

We explore age stage 6-12.

Industry vs. Inferiority

Healing with Coaching in this age stage creates a SENSE OF SELF AS COMPETENT.

KEY To Your: Brilliance

Potential issues and patterns resulting from this developmental stage:

  • Feeling self-conscious in social gatherings
  • Difficulty completing things
  • Challenges in attaining career and professional goals
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Keeping oneself in debt so as not to establish financial stability

6th Month of Coaching:

We explore age stages 3-6 years.

Initiative vs. Guilt

Healing with Coaching in this age stage creates A MATURE SENSE OF PURPOSE.

KEY To Your: Purpose

Potential issues and patterns from this developmental stage:

  • Feeling awkward about your body
  • Using sex as the only way to feel close
  • Intolerance of another's behavior
  • Being highly critical of yourself; full of shame
  • Pattern of perfectionism
  • Deep underlying sense of having done something wrong

7th Month of Coaching:

We explore age stages 18 months - 3 Years

Autonomy vs. Doubt and Shame


KEY To Your: Personal Power

Potential issues and patterns from this developmental stage:

  • Difficulty saying "No" to friends for fear of them rejecting you
  • Challenges in setting limits and boundaries
  • Difficulty stating how you feel based on fear of rejection or humiliation
  • Feeling smothered when someone tries to get close
  • Feeling inadequate if a friend is upset and cannot make them feel better- over responsibility

8th Month of Coaching:

We explore age stages Birth to 18 Months.

Trust vs. Mistrust

Healing with Coaching in this age stage creates a sense of HOPE/OPTIMISM.

KEY To Your: Authenticity

Potential Issues and Patterns Resulting From This Developmental Stage:

  • Fear of intimacy because it might result in abandonment or suffocation
  • Wanting yet being afraid of physical affection
  • Continual need for oral gratification (eating, smoking, drinking).
  • Fear of acknowledging or expressing needs because of fear they will not be met.
  • Challenges with trusting even in trustworthy people/situations.

9th Month of Coaching:

We explore closing out the coaching container with Integration of all that has come forward. We will incorporate Life Visioning for how to move forward after Clearing and healing so much in your consciousness.

KEY To Your: Life Vision

This final month is completion month through the program. You will have an opportunity to plan and visualize moving forward with the tools you have learned through this coaching container.

We will spend some time Visioning forward and setting intentions of how to live into your ideal life from the authentic self perspective.

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